Opplev følelsen av vektløshet hos oss og oppnå en meditativ tilstand med floating. Her flyter man i vann som er saltere enn Dødehavet og som inneholder mye magnesiumrikt epsomsalt som er bra for å redusere stress, lindre smerter, roe nervesystemet og bedre helsen din. Tillat deg selv en timeout og steng verden ute. Kjenn den gode følelsen etterpå av endorfin påfyll.

Frigjør deg fra tyngdekraften og kjenn hvordan kroppen slapper av uten stimuli og sensoriske inntrykk. Velg mellom å ha det helt mørkt eller ha på lyset i vår floating pod. Lytt til musikk i starten og slutten av floating. Opplev å være i en tilstand mellom våkenhet og søvn, der du ligger og dupper av flytende i vann. En følelse man må oppleve for å forstå. Mange får forbedret søvnkvalitet og opplever at man føler seg roligere ved å flyte regelmessig.


Be happier

Elevated levels of dopamine & endorphins.

Stress relief

By lowering blood pressure and cortisol.


Everyone can experience a meditative state by floating.

Pain relief

Your muscles, joints and bones can take a well-deserved break.


Magnesium is good for your heart, muscles, acid and soreness.


Natural meditating achieved by floating may ease anxiety and depression.

Skin & hair health

Magnesium based Epsom-salt softens and replenish your skin and hair.

Weight loss

Lowering cortisol, the stress hormone, may lead to weight loss.

  • Our aim at Metime is to promote our treatments to an audience as wide as possible. But there is a few inevitable restrictions in terms of hygiene, health and safety. It is your responsibility to read our waiver and notify us of all medical conditions and medications.

  • Before floating
    • Avoid large or heavy meals beforehand. But try to have eaten something. If not, you may well spend most of your float listening to the sounds of your stomach.
    • Avoid shaving or waxing directly beforehand as this may be irritating with the epsom salt in the water. Avoid shaving your face for at least 6 hours prior to your float and allow 12 hours after shaving your body.
    • You are not permitted to float whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • Avoid caffeine, nicotine or any or stimulants in the lead up to a float. These may interfere with your ability to relax.
    • Do not use hair dye or fake tan. Your hair must run clear in the shower.
    • Remove your contacts prior to floating. Bring a container to store them.

      How to get the best floating experience?
    • Put in earplugs.
    • Quick shower with soap and shampo your hair.
    • Recline in the float pod naked. Shut the lid or leave it open.
    • Choose to have lights on or off in the pod. Let us know if you want music all the time, or just in the beginning and end of the session.
    • An hour of bliss.
    • Sound will always gently fade in to welcome you back.
    • Rinse off, especially your ears.
    • Reflect as you relax after in our relax room.

      For your information

    It often takes up to three sessions for you to experience or start to noticeably appreciate the benefits of floating. During the first session, play around and enjoy the sensation of floating. Find a position that is comfortable for you. For the next two sessions, just try and completely let go and relax.

    Use a neck rest if you wish (we will have it at Metime during july). You will be surprised at how far you have to tilt your head back to completely relax. Try floating your hands interlocked behind the back of your head with your chest pushed out or with your arms by your sides.

    After three floats, you can start to be more focused with each session. Write pre float intentions, use different meditation techniques, try different audio and try longer sessions.

    Ultimately, there’s no wrong way to float. Keep the lights off or turn them on. Listen to music or float in silence. Leave immediately or hang out after in our relax room. You float any way you like. It’s what works best for you.


    “The Sensory Deprivation Tank – Joe Rogan”. Great overview about floating from the man who has done so much to spread the word.

    “Portland Oregon Float Conference”. Links to videos from the float industry’s annual conference.

    “Float Nation – Documentary Teaser”. Excperts from recent feature length documentary about floatation.

    Nightline – ABC News Segment “Sensory Deprivation – Altered State of Mind”.


    Hutchison, Michael. The Book of Floating: Exploring the Private Sea. New York: Morrow, 1984. Print.

    Lilly, John Cunningham. The Deep Self: Consciousness Exploration in the Isolation Tank.

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