Enjoy one of our massages at Metime in our soothing treatment room. Choose between Ayurvedic massage, Emotional detox massage or Relaxing thaimassage. We recommend to have a floating or infrared sauna session, before the massage for total relaxation.

For the full Metime experience we recommend Infrared sauna [30 min], Floating [60 min] followed by one of our massages.

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Ayurveda massage for man & women

Combination of yoga - and ayurvedic massage technique with its origin in Indian medicine wisdom. Deep, yet gentle massage with almond oil. This massage can help to ease tense, stress and anxiety.

Duration: 60 min.

Emotional detox massage for women

Combination of massage, breathing and meditation. Can contribute emotional detox, relaxing muscles and balancing the chakras.
Duration: 90 min.

Relaxing thai massage for women

This massage is based on thai massage, with acupressur and stretching/passive yoga. You can expect an hour of total relaxation for your nervous system. This massage is very grounding and soothing for your body.

It’s done with clothes on, come wearing a singlet and a pair of soft tights.
Duration: 60 min.

Our therapists


Imelda Matondang

Chakra Therapy Center / Ayurvedic and Emotional detox massage. Certified yoga teacher and chakra.
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Anna Prana Ehrenfeldt

Soul Stretch / Relaxing Thaimassage for women

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